Lanfairpwll Craft Distilled Gin 5cl

Anglesey Dry Gin

The distilleries first gin brought to the market in June 2018 is an Anglesey Dry gin.  Made with just seven botanicals with four grown on Anglesey it has a punchy juniper taste with notes of Anglesey mint and rosemary, slight back notes of elder and a little hint of citrus.

Rhubarb and Vanilla

The Rhubarb & Vanilla infusion uses Llanfair PGin and is infused with Anglesey Rhubarb & a little vanilla to give a familiar taste of Rhubarb & Custard.  The gin has quite a unique quality in that the more it is tasted the more the flavours come through on the palette, With plenty of juniper to begin then tart rhubarb notes with a late hint of vanilla that comes later.

Lanfairpwll Craft Distilled Gin 5cl